10 Common John Deere 1025R Problems (Troubleshooting Guide) (2024)

Having trouble with your John Deere 1025r?

10 Common John Deere 1025R Problems (Troubleshooting Guide) (1)

There are many possible problems that could be causing you problems.

From the engine to the hydraulic system to the deck, we have you covered.

Learn how to troubleshoot these issues and get back on the road in no time.

Then you can go back to enjoying your machine.

But first, let’s look at the common problems and what you can do to fix them.

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10 Common John Deere 1025R Problems (Troubleshooting Guide) (4)

John Deere 1025r engine

There are many common John Deere 1025R engine problems you can experience. Some of these are easily fixed by the owner, while others require professional help.

Fortunately, you can learn how to fix these problems yourself by reading the owner’s manual. Here are some common problems and solutions.

Faulty Oil Filter

A faulty oil filter can make your engine run poorly, and improper tire inflation can cause slow braking.

Electrical problems can also result from a damaged battery. You need to make sure that all connections are correctly made.

The terminals should be clean, and the electrical belt should be tight. If the battery is damaged or corroded, it should be replaced.


One of the most common problems that a John Deere 1025R may experience is overheating. The tractor may be running hot or chilly, but the engine won’t start.

Another common problem is a leaking transmission fluid.

Other symptoms include a burning odor, gear-shifting delays, and gear slippage. If these symptoms are occurring, your tractor may need to be repaired.

Faulty hydraulic system

A faulty hydraulic system (more on this later) can also cause your tractor to run slow. You may notice that the pump or hoses are clogged. Changing the hydraulic oil filter may also fix the problem.

John Deere 1025R might be experiencing a faulty hydraulic system.

The fluid in the hydraulic system will lose pressure and density over time. You can solve this problem by draining and replacing the fluid.

John Deere 1025r transmission

A faulty transmission is the most common cause of a John Deere 1025R tractor’s breakdown. While the transmission is generally reliable, it has its limitations.

In many cases, the hydraulic system is not user-friendly and the transmission can slow down over time. Moreover, the hydraulic fluid containing water changes its density and pressure.

Therefore, if you have this problem, it is best to drain the hydraulic system and replace it with pure hydraulic oil.

There are also many common transmission issues on a John Deere 1025R tractor. Transmission problems can be a result of intense vibration during operation. This can loosen, damage, or even wear down the moving parts.

Additionally, the warranty may not cover many of the most common transmission repairs.

John Deere tends to change vendors frequently, making parts and service more difficult to find, especially on the latest models.

Some of the most common transmission problems occur when the tractor fails to engage low or high gear. This may be caused by a blockage in the hydraulic valve system. It can also be caused by incorrect positioning of the neutral shift lever.

To fix this problem, you can place the shift lever in the high or low gearshift position. After adjusting the lever, check the gearshift level to see if it shifts properly.

John Deere 1025r hydraulic system

If you have a John Deere 1025r tractor, you need to know how to troubleshoot its hydraulic system problems. Its hydraulic system drives the fluid to make a movement.

Despite its usefulness, this mechanism is not user-friendly. It slows down as the water content in the hydraulic oil changes the fluid’s density and pressure. Here are some of the most common problems you may encounter with your tractor’s hydraulic system.

First of all, check the fluid level in the John Deere hydraulic system. Ensure that the hydraulic fluid level is correct to ensure proper steering, drive, and lift cylinder action. Hydraulic fluid protects hydraulic pump motors, charge pumps, and hydro-static pumps.

If you notice that the hydraulic system is low on oil, check the level by lowering the boom. Secondly, replace the hydraulic oil filter.

Next, check for leaks. In some cases, the hydraulic oil is contaminated and can cause problems in lifting. Also, check for leaking transmission fluid. If there’s a burning smell, a delay in gear shifts, or gear slippage, it could be a transmission problem.

Fortunately, there are many simple solutions to these problems. If you don’t want to purchase a new John Deere tractor, check out these common problems and solutions.

John Deere 1025r deck

Is your 2021 John Deere 1025R deck leaking oil? Is the hydraulic system leaking after only two weeks of operation? The previous owner replaced a lift cylinder, but a week later, the hydraulic system was still leaking oil.

The dealer says it was installed improperly in the factory. This has caused many owners to seek repair or replacement. I’ve written the manufacturer and requested a response.

There are several problems that may be causing your machine to work slowly. For example, the hydraulic system is the source of energy, so any changes in fluid pressure can lead to a malfunction.

This hydraulic system isn’t user-friendly, and it’s slowing down and becoming less effective as time goes on.

A hydraulic system has several parts, and water affects its pressure and density. Therefore, it is important to drain and replace the hydraulic system with new, pure hydraulic oil.

Mid-mount mower deck models are compatible with compact utility tractors. Model year 17 and 20 are incompatible.

Nevertheless, these models will fit many older compact utility tractors.

Those built before May 2020 may be compatible with mid-mount mower decks. John Deere 1025R tractors also come with optional mulching kits. As long as you check with the manufacturer, you shouldn’t have problems with your John Deere 1025R deck.

John Deere 1025r tiller and loader

If you’ve recently purchased a John Deere 1025R tiller and loader, you’ve probably encountered a few issues. While the tractor itself has a long list of benefits, the hydraulic system isn’t without issues.

The fluid in the hydraulic system drives the machine’s motion and is one of the most common problems. However, the hydraulic mechanism itself isn’t user-friendly and has a tendency to slow down with time.

If you’ve ever seen your John Deere 1025R leaking oil, you’ll know that water in the hydraulic oil causes the engine to slow down and function poorly. To prevent this from happening, drain, and replace the hydraulic system with pure hydraulic oil.

Luckily, there’s a solution to the ignition coil problem. With a new ignition coil, you can easily jump start your John Deere 1025R and run multiple implementations simultaneously.

Depending on your needs, you can purchase a 120R loader, mid-mount mower, or Cervus Equipment. If you’re looking for a more traditional John Deere tractor, a simpler design and a lighter weight are both good options.

Having an easy-to-use machine can make gardening a breeze. Using the John Deere 1025R tiller and loader with a front-end loader will help you prepare the bed of your garden in minutes.

You’ll also be able to haul the materials you need to make a great garden with minimal effort. This John Deere 1025R tractor and loader can handle small to medium-sized gardens.

John Deere 1025r fuel system

You may have come across John Deere 1025r fuel system issues. This may be due to the fuel filter, steering system, pump, or steering column. It could also be due to the improper tire inflation.

If you experience any of these problems, don’t hesitate to seek the help of a professional mechanic. However, it’s better to take your machine to a professional mechanic to prevent any further damage to the fuel system.

Fuel system problems develop slowly over time. The fuel that’s been sitting in your tractor for too long can cause the engine to run poorly, clog up the fuel filter, and affect engine performance.

If you notice these symptoms, it’s likely your John Deere tractor needs several starts before it will start properly.

Alternatively, it may stall abruptly when you’re using it. If you’ve discovered that your John Deere 1025r fuel system problems are related to a fuel leak, it’s time to visit your local dealer.

John Deere 1025r Problems: Summary

If you’ve experienced similar problems with a previous John Deere tractor, you’re not alone.

While many problems with tractors are electrical in nature, fuel leaks are common among utility and subcompact tractors.

Moreover, you’ll probably notice weird noises and a dirty air intake filter.

If you’re unable to pinpoint the root of the problem, it’s a good idea to refer to the manual.

10 Common John Deere 1025R Problems (Troubleshooting Guide) (2024)
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